[sun shiny day]

yesterday was 10°C, a little bit breezy but it really nice and it made me so rajen to walk to my senior’s for a bowl of laksa (more than one actually)..heh.. although i have to pass through some drunk people and got into the lift with them where i am the only one who does not drink. it was 1630 hours and they already headed to bars ,frats and parties to celebrate the ‘state patty’s day’ – the pennstate version of st. patrick’s day since this year, 17th March falls during our spring break hence, they decided to celebrate the celebration earlier..

its good to see the sun ‘smiling’ again after a long winter and few snow storms..and yes, it made my day plus something happen on my way back..somethingonlymeknow..hahha..managed to settle few things yesterday. my cellphone has been suspended due to some irresponsible people who didn’t pay their bills. and since my account is under this one person name, and this person has another 2 different accounts (well other ppl use his card as well) mine got affected to. thank God, i do not have to pay anything and it will be automatically terminated. well, gonna get a new plan with the girls..yeay..boleh dpt new phone..we’ll see bout that.

last night was our full rehearsal for malaysian night. it didn’t go so well actually, but i think the dancers have put up a great show. just hope everything will be fine tonight..had a long chat with few people and found out that, i’m not going back to malaysia alone. YEAY!! there are 2 more people going back on the same date..so we can go to newark skali..great..and another good news is, mastrav has confirmed that my ticket will cost me less than what i’ve paid, so i’ll get refund this monday..yeayy..extra cash..ehehheh..

ok..i’m craving for creamery iceCream…better get ready and head to creamery..ouhh btw,Good Luck to all the performers!! and

we are…PennState!!.. heheh 😉

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. iamdzu
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 08:03:12

    cuba delete balik link to my blog n letak balik..apsal gambar dia lain. org dah tukar layout

  2. daju
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 13:27:25

    coz snap tuh amek snap the first time je kot

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