[the day before 2/14]

no..no..dont get me wrong..im not celebrating val-day..
i had a quite productive day despite the ‘snow-storm’..
i think, so far today is the heaviest snowfall ever since i’m here in pennstate. it is anticipated that the accumulation of snow falling may exceed a foot by tomorrow and the university will only resume at 10am on wednesday. Unfortunately, my class starts at 10am, so I still have to go to class as usual. I was a bit rushing this morning that I didnt hv time for my breakfast. Not that I woke up late, but I’ve been waiting for the announcement saying that class will be canceled today..(tp xdela kan..hmm)..So, went to my BA 304 class.Mr Colangelo brought us some candies because we actually did quite well for the first exam (better when compared to last yr’s students).

I like my BA 304 class..although I am not really into management stuff, but the class is fun. And we get a lot of extra credits too, by watching movies and not having to write a review on it (just watch for fun..sape xnk kan..). Last time we watch A few Good Men. I’ve watched that movie several times before. Next week, will be our next movie nite. I’m not sure I’m going though because I have my finance exam the next day.

Then, off to business building for my insurance class. For the first time ever, I never felt sleepy in INS class and for the first time I understood most of the materials covered..hehh. Perhaps because I drank cafe mocha on the way to the class. Then did some revision on econ with a friend. Later on at 5.00pm, went for SHC Junior gate info session. Realizing that I have also a review session for Stat at 7.35pm, so off to creamery, grab a bagel and strawberry shake (sejuk2..pn nk minum shake) since I had no lunch, went for maghrib prayer at pasquerella, and then to my stat review..

What a day..On my way back, saw few ppl enjoying the snow, they were playing the slides near my hall..I wish I could go out and play too. but I have econ exam tomorrow exam is postponed..so wish me luck..

*what a boring post i guess..just for the sake of updating myblog…stay warm…


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  1. little healer
    Feb 14, 2007 @ 03:40:10

    hehe.. will definitely stay warm… giller best ah class mcm tuh..tgk movie memanjang.. lemme know of any good ones yeah?

    till then, good luck for your ECon exam.

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